Coloplast and Spinal Life Australia

Coloplast has partnered with our friends at Spinal Life Australia to provide free Coloplast Care Nursing Support Services for continence care.



We can provide the following specialised services:

Continence Services provided by a Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultant (in clinic setting or via telehealth)


-Teaching and training in the use of intermittent catheters (for bladder emptying issues) and Peristeen transanal irrigation (for bowel incontinence and constipation);

- Product demonstrations and sampling (intermittent catheters, bags and sheaths/ condom drainage). Coloplast does not offer a continence solution with pads or absorbent undergarments;

- Health and lifestyle education (prevention and management of infections; maintaining bladder health and routine when working/ travelling/ engaging in leisure activity);

- Pre planning/ review support for NDIS participants using intermittent catheters, indwelling devices, sheaths, drainage bags or bowel products. Unable to assist with reviews of pad usage; and

- Review of sheaths (external condom drainage) and drainage bags.

Continence services provided by a Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultant (via Telehealth only): 

- General bowel enquiry regarding faecal incontinence or constipation.

- General urinary concern- urgency; frequency; going to the toilet regularly overnight; leaking before getting to the toilet.

Services not provided by a Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultant:


 - The Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultant is not an NDIS provider and is therefore unable to conduct a formal ‘Continence Assessment’ ahead of NDIS review meetings. However, the Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultant can provide a letter of justification and a product estimate to take to meetings (more often than not, this is all that is required). The Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultant will refer customers appropriately if an assessment is required.

- The Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultant is unable to provide general continence in-home carer training or ongoing catheter care. This can all be funded by NDIS when accessing services from a registered NDIS provider.

An accredited Clinical Nurse Consultant is available to assist you by providing Coloplast Care Nursing Support Services in the management of your continence in the below clinics.

Clinic locations

Woolloongabba Clinic

Spinal Life Australia Office 

109 Logan Road,

Woolloongabba, QLD, 4102

If you have another condition or live in another location, please click here

Need to see a specialist

Living with continence issues is not always straightforward. While many people have good continence habits, there will be times when you may develop issues that get in the way of living life the way you want. It isn’t always easy to know if you need help to solve the problem from your GP or Specialist Nurse or if you can resolve the issue yourself.


As a team of Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultants, we are passionate about working with people to promote healthy continence habits to maximise sustained success in continence care. We will provide you with qualified medical support, where you can explore your concerns, look at which solutions are available and which will suit your specific needs - empowering you to take control of your health to live the life you want. Our Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultants will always refer you back to a specialist if need be.

Meet our Clinical Nurse Consultant Irene Kemp

My name is Irene and I am the Coloplast Continence Clinical Nurse Consultant for Queensland. My clinical experience is predominantly in Spinal Cord Injuries (acute and rehabilitation), but my passion throughout my 18 year career as a Registered Nurse, has always been about empowering people with disabilities to embrace and create new lives following catastrophic injury or illness.


Within my role at Coloplast, I provide specialist clinical education to Queensland Customers; their families, carers and health care professionals on optimal bowel and bladder management solutions. I have a current and evolving knowledge of funding streams available to individuals living with disability, and an appreciation of the challenges that can be faced when entering into; or transitioning from an existing funding scheme.

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