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Product description

One of the biggest changes following a colostomy is the loss of control over emptying of the bowels, and accompanying odours and smells. The Alterna conseal plug is a solution for people with a sigmoid colostomy.  It combines the unique Alterna spiral adhesive with a plug that can be a supplement to traditional pouches for colostomy.

The Alterna Conseal plug is a very discreet solution that gives greater freedom of movement.

For self-control 

  • No noise and no odour - as air from the bowels passes through the plug and the filter, offering freedom from the sudden noises and odours that come from the stoma from time to time.
  • Discreet flat design that looks like a plaster - makes it ideal in situations where the use of a pouch is not convenient.  When it is under your clothes, it is only you, who knows it is there.
  • Can be used with or without irrigation.
Spiral adhesive, for security and skin friendliness
The Alterna spiral adhesive is a combination of materials designed for security and protection in a spiral-structure, for: 
  • Secure adherence to your skin 
  • Absorption of moisture from your skin - providing skin friendliness and protection from irritation

Before you begin…

It is easy to learn to use the Alterna Conseal plug, but before you begin, consult with your stoma care nurse, whether your type of colostomy is suited to the plug.  It is not recommended for people weighing less than 40kg.


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Product variants

Product name Item number Baseplate hole size Colour Filter Units in package
Alterna 1 Piece Conseal Soft Foam Plug 1435 20-35mm Opaque Yes 10
Alterna 1 Piece Conseal Soft Foam Plug 1445 20-35mm Opaque Yes 10
Alterna 1 Piece Conseal Soft Foam Plug 1485 35-45mm Opaque Yes 10
Alterna 1 Piece Conseal Soft Foam Plug 1495 35-45mm Opaque Yes 10

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