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Biatain Super can be used for the treatment of a wide range of exuding wounds, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, second degree burns, surgical wounds and skin abrasions. Biatain Super is suitable for use under compression therapy.

Biatain Super is a highly absorbent hydrocapillary dressing providing an optimal, moist wound healing environment for exuding wounds.

Suitable for highly exuding wounds

Fast absorption, distribution and retention of exudate enable full utilisation of the absorption capacity with minimal risk of maceration and leakage, even for highly exuding wounds.

Optimal moist wound healing environment for faster healing

The hydrocapillary pad rapidly absorbs exudate vertically and distributes it horizontally. The dressings ensure an optimal moist wound healing environment for faster healing.

All-in-one simple to use wound dressing

Compared to other highly absorbing dressings, Biatain Super is a cost-effective solution with no need for additional wound contact layers.

Mode of action

The super absorbent particles absorb and retain high amounts of exudate. Fibres distribute the exudate through the pad to maximise absorption. A high Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate contributes to the superior exudate management capabilities.


Biatain Super, Non-Adhesive consists of a super absorbent hydrocapillary pad with a semi-permeable, water- and bacteria proof top film, and a non-adhesive wound contact layer.



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Product variants

Product name Item number Area size Units in package
Biatain® Super, Non-Adhesive 46300 10x10 cm 10
Biatain® Super, Non-Adhesive 46350 15x15 cm 10
Biatain® Super, Non-Adhesive 46450 12x12 cm 10

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Biatain® Non-adhesive

Biatain® Non-adhesive

Biatain® Non-Adhesive – Superior absorption for wounds with extra fragile skin. Unique 3D foam structure for superior absorption. Minimal risk of leakage and maceration. Long wear time. Soft and flexible dressing.

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