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Product description

EasiCath® is a traditional hydrophilic-coated catheter for single use. All you have to do is to add water and wait 30 seconds then it’s ready to be used. The hydrophilic coating offers lower friction than uncoated and gel-lubricated catheters.

The catheter eyelets are soft, rounded and lubricated. This makes the catheter gentle on the urethral mucosa and the catheterisation procedure more comfortable and safe.

The benefits of EasiCath catheter:

  • Hydrophilic coated
  • Coated eyelets for comfort and safety
  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • Low Friction - gentle and safer in use
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds

EasiCath is available in many different sizes to suit individual needs.


Product variants

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Product variants

Product name Gender/age profile Item number Coating Tip type Units in package
EasiCath CH10 Male 5350 Hydrophilic Straight 25
EasiCath CH12 Male 5352 Hydrophilic Straight 25
EasiCath CH14 Male 5354 Hydrophilic Straight 25
EasiCath CH16 Male 5356 Hydrophilic Straight 25
EasiCath CH18 Male 5358 Hydrophilic Straight 25
EasiCath CH8 Female 5368 Hydrophilic Straight 25
EasiCath CH12 Female 5372 Hydrophilic Straight 25
EasiCath CH14 Female 5374 Hydrophilic Straight 25

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