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SenSura Mio fits regular body profiles and has twice the stretch of a conventional product. The elasticity enables the appliance to move with your body, while maintaining a secure fit. The appliance stays securely in place, giving you more confidence and peace of mind throughout the day.

SenSura Mio Convex is proven to reduce leakage for inward areas around the stoma. The adhesive stays securely on the skin, creating a reliable seal between the skin and the baseplate. Flexlines ensure the convex shell bends around the stoma - not in the middle of it, so you can bend and stretch without worrying.

SenSura Mio Concave is the first product specially designed for outward body profiles. The curved, star-shaped baseplate hugs the body for a good fit with less creasing and folding. Fit zones in the centre zone and outer rim provide extra flexibility, so the baseplate stays in place during body movement.

Bodies change, so an appliance that once fit correctly may not continue to do so. Finding the right appliance for your current body profile is important to get the right fit.

The common characteristics for SenSura Mio pouching systems are the BodyFit Technology, the discreet pouch design and the unique full-circle pre-filter. Combined, the three distinct SenSura Mio features provide optimal discretion and comfort – so you can stay confident throughout the day. 


*Claessens I, Probert R, Chantal T et al (2015) The Ostomy Life Study: the everyday challenges faced by people living with a stoma in a snapshot. Gastrointestinal Nursing 13(5): 8–25


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