The importance of cost-effective wound care

With continued financial strain on governments, cost of treatment is becoming an increasingly important issue for healthcare systems. It is important to remember that focusing on total treatment cost – not only dressing cost – is the key to savings. Read more


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Treating a wound requires materials – dressings, cleansers and so on – but also nursing time and sometimes hospitalisation. Studies show that the total cost of wound care treatment can be broken down into 15–20% for dressing materials, 30–35% for nursing time and >50% for hospital costs (1).

This makes it critical to look at total cost of treatment instead of unit cost for a given product when making purchasing decisions.

In wound care, Coloplast creates value by enabling healthcare professionals to heal wounds faster and use fewer resources, improving quality of life for patients while containing overall costs.


Value argumentation

Superior absorption leads to longer wear time which in turn reduces overall cost

Superior absorption is highly important in supporting the wound healing process. Because of their superior absorption properties, Biatain® dressings can handle more exudate than other dressings. This enables them to provide extended wear time (1,2). Read more


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With longer wear time, fewer dressings are required for each wound. This means less nursing time is needed for changing dressings . The graphs below compares Biatain Silicone with two competing dressings. Because Biatain Silicone is better at handling exudate, the dressing can be worn for longer, reducing the number of dressing changes required and thus reducing overall cost (3,4)


graphs that compare Biatain Silicone with two competing dressings


Reduced time to healing reduces cost

Reduced healing time means fewer resources required for materials and dressings and less nursing time. Read more


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The cost of hard-to-heal/infectious wounds is affected by prolonged and intensified treatment, as well as prolonged hospitalisation and specialised treatment, possibly including surgical interventions (1).

Reduced time to healing enables you to save significant resources, including nursing time, number of dressings, antibiotics, diagnostics and transfer costs, while also improving quality of life for your patients.

Biatain® Ag is proven to provide faster wound healing (2).

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