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Every day at Coloplast we hear stories from people like you that inspire and amaze us. So much so, that we want to share these stories with others as a source of encouragement, celebration and connection. Do you have a story to tell about how your Coloplast product has enabled you to live the life you want? Or have you overcome obstacles that you think others would benefit from hearing about? Submit your story today and you could be featured on our social media or consumer material!

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*Terms of Submission

Participant hereby grants Coloplast full consent to use and release all audio and video recordings, photographs, images, testimonials, and quotes of Participant which Participant has shared with Coloplast (hereafter referred to as "Participant Materials").

Any and all Participant Materials may be used in connection with Coloplast's business worldwide without limitation for product development, scientific and/or marketing purposes via the Internet, TV, radio, sales situations, and congresses, in the form of e.g. printed material, videos, posters, advertisements, e-detailing, and other similar and related medias. Participant understands and agrees that Coloplast owns all rights to Participant Materials.

Participant understands and agrees that in granting Coloplast all rights to Participant Materials Coloplast is not obligated nor has it made a commitment to use any Participant Materials for any purpose referenced above. In addition, Participant shall not be reimbursed or compensated for providing to an/or granting Coloplast this consent and rights to use any Participant Materials for any reason.

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