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Designed for complete bladder emptying 1 and reduced risk of urinary tract infections 2  

Have your clients ever found themsleves worrying whether they managed to completely empty their bladder during catheterisation? Or found it time-consuming and cumbersome to adjust their catheter? Or maybe they worry about urinary tract infections?

We have launched a male intermittent catheter that sets a new standard for bladder emptying and is designed to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.


Why is it important for your clients to empty their bladder completely?

If urine is left in the bladder after catheterisation, bacteria in the urine and bladder may multiply and could eventually cause a urinary tract infection3. That’s why it is important that intermittent catheter users empty their bladder completely every time they catheterise.


So why can it be challenging for your clients to completely empty their bladder?

Most intermittent catheters have two eyelets to drain urine and they require adjustment once the urine flow stops. It can be difficult to know if your clients still have urine left in the bladder, and in fact 47% worry whether they have emptied their bladder completely after catheterisation.


What’s different about our new catheter?

We want catheterising to be as simple as possible for your clients. The new solution by Coloplast is built on a unique technology, specifically designed to empty the bladder in one free flow – every time4. This means that your clients won’t have to adjust the catheter when they catheterise. This new catheter targets more UTI risk factors3 than any other catheter.

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1 Complete bladder emptying is defined as <10 mL ( NCT05485922, N=42). Individual results may vary. 

2 UTI risk factors defined by Kennelly M., et al. (2019), 10.1155/2019/2757862 

3 Residual urine and microtrauma are UTI risk factors (Kennelly M., et al. (2019), 10.1155/2019/2757862) 

4 Luja has close to no flow stops and complete bladder emptying is defined as <10 mL ( NCT05485922, N=42). Individual results may vary


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