The Ostomy Check

Should I really have to wake up at night to release air from my stoma bag? Is it usual for the skin under my stoma bag to be red? My bag leaks every time I play golf, but it's fine the rest of the time. Is it time I should stop? The Ostomy Check is here to help you sort out these issues.

Helping you find help

Living with a stoma is not always straightforward. While many people live with a stoma that is well behaved and trouble free, there will be times when you may develop issues that get in the way of the life you want. It isn’t always easy to know if you need help to solve the problem from your stoma nurse or if you can resolve the issue yourself.

Take the Ostomy Check

The Ostomy Check is your way of checking for some of the common issues associated with your stoma, your products and the surrounding skin. It can also be a good way to celebrate that you may not be having any issues, and a way to look back on how far you have come since the early days of your surgery.

It is easy for you to select the main issues such as ballooningpancakingsore skinleakage and adhesion.

These issues can often be resolved by a change to your current stoma care routine. We will direct you towards helpful information and support, as well as help through our Care team. And if we think you need to go and see your stoma nurse, we will let you know.

Our Coloplast Care team

Our Coloplast Care team are experienced in helping people solve issues with their stomas. They follow guidelines that have been developed by stoma care nurses from all around Australia, and can advise you on your routine, as well as how to get the most from your products. They are also trained to recognise the signs that you need to go back and see your stoma care nurse.


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