After his accident, Thomas had to rely on other people to help him catheterise. With SpeediCath® Compact Set, he’s gotten back his independence.**

Once his initial rehab was over, Thomas, 26, was determined to get out and about to meet friends. The only issue was his injury meant a caregiver, friend, or relative had to help him catheterise. He explains: “I couldn’t be spontaneous – it was like an anchor keeping me down.”

From the start, Thomas preferred intermittent catheters and felt they offered more control than an indwelling product. But the problem was finding one he could open himself. He adds: “My occupational therapist suggested SpeediCath Compact Set, but I couldn’t open it at first. But I tried with a non-slip gripper and I could do it. It was exciting – to actually have it work and to know that I could do it made me happy.”

Thomas got his driver’s license around the same time as he started using SpeediCath Compact Set and he identifies at that time things started to turn around for him on a personal level. He continues: “Now I don’t have to ask my friends or family to take time out of their day to come and help me. I feel more like I did before – an independent 26-year old man.”

It’s now the only product he uses when catheterising himself and Thomas is particularly happy about its discreet size and the hydrophilic coating, which makes the catheter prelubricated. He goes on: “The reason it’s so much easier is there are so few steps involved – you don’t have to lubricate it or push through the bag. The catheter’s already out so you just put it right in and you’re good to go.”

“It’s easier to keep more of them in a bag, and they’re easier to handle and use. It goes into the bladder easier and with less resistance, and the handles on the bag are useful.”

For Thomas, just 15 months after his injury, his focus is still firmly on his rehab. He’s taking part in the Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise program close to his home and is beginning to think about looking for his own apartment. And with SpeediCath Compact Set, he has found a product that is playing a key role in improving his quality of life.

He concludes: “Now I can do things on my own and take care of myself, which is a good feeling.”

About SpeediCath Compact Set

SpeediCath Compact Set is an all-in-one catheter and bag solution. Rated easy to use by 88% of users1, SpeediCath Compact Set is designed for everyday use both in and out of the home.

The innovative design means the catheter can easily be kept in a pocket or handbag.

If you'd like to learn more about the product that Thomas uses or you would like a free sample, give Coloplast a call at 1800 653 317.

1. Product evaluation of SpeediCath® Compact Set, response from 70 HCPs and 550 end-users, Feb. to April 2013.
*Thomas is a SpeediCath® Compact Set user who has received compensation from Coloplast to provide this information.
** Individual results may vary.


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