87% of intermittent catheter users adjust their catheter furing catheterisation1 – what if you didnt have to?

A unique technology to change the way you catheterise

Most conventional catheters have two eyelets andrequire you to adjust the catheter to empty your bladder.


47% worry about whether they have emptied theirbladder completely after catheterisation.1

Coloplast is about to launch a new intermittentcatheter that features a new technology, designedto completely drain urine from your bladder3, with noadjustments needed to provide you with the benefit ofa simpler4.emptying technique.

A solution designed to reduce risk of UTIs

We know that 45% of people using intermittent catheters consider urinary tract infections to be their greatest challenge.1

When urine is left in the bladder after catheterisation,bacteria in the urine and bladder may multiply, and increase the risk of a urinary tract infection. For this reason, it’s important that you empty your bladder as much as possible every time you catheterise.


The new male intermittent catheter by Coloplast is designed to reduce the risk of UTIs by allowing you to completely empty your bladder3 every time you catheterise.

1. Averbeck MA, Kennelly M, Thiruchelvam N, et al. Patient-reported risk factors for urinary tract infections are associated with lower quality of life among intermittent catheter users. 2022. Submitted

2.Islamoska S., et al. (2022), BAUN Conference 2022

3. Complete bladder emptying considered to be less than 10 mL based on clinical study (CP353)

4. Simpler procedure with one position compared Hollister VaPro

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