Coloplast has proudly partnered with NZ Spinal Trust to support you. We have products and services to assist in your bladder and bowel health

Peristeen Plus - A water based transanal irrigation system designed to help empty the bowel.

We know that up to 80% of SCI patients can suffer from faecal incontinence or constipation. Patients spend an average of 5.6 years trying other treatments before finding the right solution for them.1

Bodies work differently and it can take up to 12 weeks for the body to adapt to Transanal Irrigation (TAI).1 You are not alone. As a member of Coloplast® Care, all kinds of articles and support (phone and online) are there for you to help you.

Most importantly, our trained Coloplast Care advisers are dedicated to your well-being and success with Peristeen Plus.

Luja - The first and only catheter with Micro-hole Zone Technology. Its has been designed for complete bladder emptying 1 and reduced risk of urinary tract infections 2 

45% of intermittent catheter users consider UTIs to be their greatest challenge2 . When Users have a UTI, or if they’re constantly worried about contracting one, it can be difficult to engage with their surroundings.2 Luja™ is a completely NEW kind of catheter that has been associated with less risk of UTI’s.3

There's no need to adjust the catheter, so when the flow stops, you're done, and you benefit from a simpler emptying technique.

Luja sets a new standard for bladder emptying.

Please note Luja is not indicated for use with bladder augmentation or neobladders due to excess mucus production.


Speedicath Flex Set - A catheter with bag attached that can assist in reducing unnessecary transfers.

Did you know that an active wheelchair user performs around 10-15 transfers per day? For highly active individuals this number increases to 30-40 transfers. On average, people make 3 to 5 transfers a day just for bladder emptying. Speedicath Flex Set is an all in one solution that can assist in the reduction of transfers.4


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1. Coloplast, Market Study, The impact of bowel dysfunction of patients and HCPs, 2017, Data-on-file [PM-01906 2. IC Value proposition users 2016, (n=146), PM-01405 3. UTI risk factors defined by Kennelly M., et al. (2019), 4. Coulet et al. Weight-bearing shoulder and rotator cuff tear - ScienceDirect Orthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research 2022;108:103170



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