Do you know what the red flags are when it comes to bladder and bowel health?

We know that your bladder and bowel health can have impacts on you reaching your NDIS goals, and can influence your social independence or even your ability to work.Below are some statements that may indicate your current bladder or bowel routine isn’t working effectively for you.We call these red flag statements.

Read the sentence next to each flag. Tick Yes if you agree or No if you disagree.


Experiencing bladder infections more than twice a year
Starting to experience urinary leakage more often
Planning my day around my bladder or bowel routine, as it is too difficult or unpredictable to leave the house otherwise
Spending more than an hour on the toilet to try and move my bowels
Still worried about having faecal accidents, even though I use diet and medication to manage my bowel
Not sure my current products are still the best option for me because my routines have changed
Frustrated with my current bladder and/or bowel routine
I would like a call from Coloplast regarding my answers

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