Meet our Coloplast Stomal Therapy Nurses


An accredited Stomal Therapy Nurse is available to assist you by providing Coloplast Care Nursing Support Services in the management of your stoma.


Andrea Farrugia

Available Virtually and in Victoria


Andrea has followed her passion as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Stomal Therapy for more than 30 years, with extensive experience in pre and post-operative education in acute public and private hospital systems, providing post discharge review and long-term outpatient stoma care follow-up and education at dedicated stoma care clinics located in the community at ostomy associations.

Her goal is for people with stomas to feel secure and comfortable by developing confidence and independence in managing their stoma care successfully, utilizing the correct product solution for them.

Her 30 years of experience gives her the insight to troubleshoot and provide a workable solution, utilizing her in-depth knowledge of stoma care products across all product ranges. 

Pat Walls

Available Virtually and in Queensland


Pat has worked as a Stomal Therapy Nurse since 1982 and is one of the founders of modern stomal therapy practice in Queensland. Patricia also held positions of Vice President of the Australian Association of Stomal Therapy Nurses (AASTN) and President of the AASTN (QLD) where she was was awarded a Life Membership in 2015.

She has been affiliated with the World Council of Enterostomal Therapists (WCET) since 1982 and her career has encompassed an impressive list of published works within the JSTA and WCET publications. In 2016, Patricia wrote ‘The Early History of Stomal Therapy Nurses in Queensland 1974 – 1999’, detailing pioneers, places and events of years gone by. She has travelled the world giving conference presentations, guest lectures and was awarded with the Mary Latimore Certificate in 2017.

She is responsible and accountable for the safe, efficient and effective treatment of all her patients. She assists in teaching and training on best practice around stoma care. 

How to book an appointment

The clinic is run by experienced accredited Stomal Therapy Nurses who have access to all the latest products available. First appointments are likely to be around an hour and follow-up appointments will be shorter. You can either call our Consumer Care team and enquire about an appointment over the phone (1800 884 759) or by clicking the ‘request an appointment’ button below and someone will contact you.

Where possible we will try and support you over the phone with our team of skilled Consumer Care specialists but if a clinic appointment is required, we will be able to book you in to speak to one of our nurse advisors.

We would always recommend that you seek assistance from your own specialist Stomal Therapy Nurse if you have one prior to enquiring with our service as they will know your situation better.

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Coloplast is proud to announce that all Coloplast Clinic Nurse Advisors have completed the COVID-19 Infection Control Training set out by the Australian Government Department of Health. Reinforcing Coloplast’s dedication to ensuring the safety of our customers and employees during these uncertain times.


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