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Living with a stoma is not always straightforward. The effects of a poorly managed stoma can have a serious impact on your quality of life- and no one understands that more than Coloplast. It may make it difficult for you to get through your day without interruptions. You may feel afraid to go out with friends, take vacations or do everyday things. Some people begin to cancel activities and withdraw from their lives. A poorly managed stoma may affect your work and your relationships. You may feel tired, depressed, anxious and lonely.


The harmful effects of output on your skin around your stoma are well known and unfortunately too common. Stoma and peristomal skin complications may cause you to have leakage, pain, problems adjusting to your stoma and a diminished quality of life. 6 out of 10 people with a stoma believe their skin issues are caused by leakage on the skin

[1]. Therefore, it’s essential to create a good, secure fit around your stoma and adopt a change routine that will help protect and maintain the health of your skin, allowing you to have worry-free bag changes.

While many people have good habits, there will be times when you may develop issues that get in the way of living life the way you want. It isn’t always easy to know if you need help to solve the problem from your GP or Specialist Nurse or if you can resolve the issue yourself.


As a team of Coloplast Stomal Therapy Nurses, we are passionate about working with people to help you live your life with a stoma with less issues and worries. We will provide you with qualified medical support, where you can explore your concerns, look at which solutions are available, and which will suit your specific needs. Our Coloplast Stomal Therapy Nurses will always refer you back to a specialist if need be.


We would always recommend that you seek assistance from your own specialist Stomal Therapy Nurse if you have one prior to enquiring with our service as they will know your situation better.

[1] Coloplast, Review, Ostomy Life Study, 2016, Data on file (PM-04985).

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"Cynthia felt at ease and didn't feel embarrassed at any time. She felt respected and listened to when she had something to say. She gives full marks to the Stomal Therapy Nurse and was very happy.”


“Having that service for people like myself is very helpful, sometimes you just need your questions answered by someone who has the knowledge.” 


“The service that was provided by the Stomal Therapy Nurse was a really high standard, her ability to able to communicate was nothing short of outstanding.”


Still not sure?

Try the Ostomy Check which will help you identify issues and help you recognise when to seek help.

The Ostomy Check is your way of checking for some of the common issues associated with your stoma, your products and the surrounding skin. It can also be a good way to celebrate that you may not be having any issues and a way to look back on how far you have come since the early days of your surgery.


It is easy for you to select the main issues such as ballooning, pancaking, sore skin, leakage and adhesion.


These issues can often be resolved by a change to your current stoma care routine. We will direct you towards helpful information and support, as well as help through our Care team. And if we think you need to go and see your stoma nurse, we will let you know.


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