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The adhesive edges detach while swimming

When being in the water the edges of the adhesive may lift/loosen, causing them to roll and affecting overall adhesion.


Brava® Elastic Tape Brava® Elastic Tape

Elastic so it follows your body

The Brava® Elastic Tape secures the position of the baseplate and is elastic so it follows your body shape and movements.

Brava® Elastic Tape is also available in other shapes to fit other body profiles and types of adhesives. 

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The Brava® Elastic Tape is designed to prevent the edges of the baseplate from lifting and rolling and keeps your baseplate securely in place. It is elastic so if follows your body shape and allows you freedom of movement. This can mean greater security and longer wear time of your appliance.

It is also skin friendly as it absorbs moisture.

It is placed on top of the edges of the baseplate and you can use one or two pieces depending on your need.

IMPORTANT! If you have any concerns – such as skin problems or how to use new products – you should always consult your Stomal Therapy Nurse.

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  • If you are female, consider wearing a tight swimsuit when in water to help prevent the adhesive edges from rolling. 
  • If you are male, tight compression shorts underneath your normal swimming shorts may help.



  • It may help to change your bag and baseplate a couple of hours before doing physical activity. This way the adhesive will have time to settle while still being relatively newly changed. 




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