The only baseplate specifically designed for bulges and curves

When a stoma bag fits right, it fits every side of life. But if you have a stoma on a bulge, curve, or a hernia, getting the right fit could sometimes be a challenge.

Now there’s a baseplate specifically designed to meet that need. SenSura® Mio Concave has a star-shaped baseplate that hugs curved areas with significantly less creases and folds, which helps to prevent leakage and skin issues.

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Discover the three unique features that ensure SenSura Mio Concave stays so securely in place.

1. Less creasing and folding

The unique, star-shaped baseplate fits securely over curved areas and hugs your body with significantly less creasing or folding.

2. Support for your stoma

The in-built stability ring stabilises the centre zone to give the area around your stoma the necessary support.

3. Flexibility during movement

The fit zones are designed to follow your body’s movements for increased comfort.

The right fit makes a difference for many people

“For me, it is the bag that feels most natural to wear. It adheres so well and feels like it is at one with my body.”


“I can move freely without worrying about leakage. The star-shaped baseplate wraps around my bulge.”


“For people who are overweight like I am, SenSura Mio Concave has a grip like no other.”


Need extra security? Brava supporting products are the solution

The Brava range of supporting products is designed to add an extra level of security for preventing common issues when living with a stoma.


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