We offer a range of ready-to-use intermittent catheters and accessories for men and women.

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SpeediCath® Flex

SpeediCath® Flex is a soft catheter with a dry-sleeve and a flexible tip. It has a range of features designed to make every step of catheterisation easy for you.

The SpeediCath® Flex has soft-squeeze grip to make it easy to guide the tip into the urethra safely without touching it.

The dry sleeve means the catheter can be inserted without having to touch the tube itself.  SpeediCath® Flex is designed for standard and more complex anatomies with bends and curves.

We aim to make every step of catheterisation is easy and hygienic for you. Including disposal of the catheter with grey, non-medical packaging for discretion.

SpeediCath® Flex Set

The new SpeediCath Flex Set has all the benefits of SpeediCath Flex. SpeediCath® Flex Set is an all-in-one solution for men with a soft catheter featuring triple action coating technology, a dry-sleeve, a flexible tip and a dry-to-the touch bag.

The SpeediCath® Flex Set is easy to use wherever you are, featuring a dry-to-the-touch bag that is easy to open and empty without spilling on hands or clothing.

The Triple Action Coating Technology and a flexible tip makes insertion smooth and gentle.

The catheter’s dry sleeve and soft grip support no-touch catheterisation. SpeediCath® Flex Set is designed for standard and more complex anatomies with bends and curves. 

SpeediCath® Compact Female

SpeediCath® Compact Female is instantly ready to use with its smooth hydrophilic (pre-lubricated) coating. Its short length and solid grip handle provide control.

SpeediCath® Compact Female lets you stay in control during insertion with a solid grip handle. This means you never have to touch the catheter itself and can make sure the process is hygienic.

Don’t be limited by your catheter. With smooth hydrophilic pre-lubricated coating, the SpeediCath® Compact Female is ready wherever you are while reducing discomfort.

Designed to be discreet and non-medical looking, you can feel confident at home or out and about. Take SpeediCath® Compact Female with you anywhere you go.

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