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Coloplast is running bladder and bowel clinics across Australia which means all consumers (Coloplast or non-Coloplast) can attend the service free of charge.

The symptoms of bladder or bowel problems can seriously affect your quality of life - and no one understands that more than Coloplast. It may make it difficult for you to get through your day without interruptions. You may feel afraid to go out with friends, take vacations or do everyday things. You may be afraid you may not be able to find a bathroom when you need one. Some people begin to cancel activities and withdraw from their lives. A poorly managed bladder or bowel may affect your work and your relationships. You may feel tired, depressed, anxious and lonely.


As time progresses, there are new techniques and new technologies that can be utilised to help you be able to live the life you want without your bladder or bowel impacting on it. It always pays to stay on top of what is available and what the current best practice is for your continence needs.


While we can’t help with everything, we can help in these areas:


  • Teaching, training and review of the use of intermittent catheters (for bladder emptying issues) and Peristeen transanal irrigation (for bowel incontinence and constipation);
  • Product demonstrations and sampling (intermittent catheters, bags and sheaths/ condom drainage). Coloplast does not offer a continence solution with pads or absorbent undergarments; and
  • Pre-planning/ review support for NDIS participants using intermittent catheters, indwelling catheters, sheaths, drainage bags or bowel products. We are unable to assist with reviews of pad usage.

Having to use an intermittent catheter can be a life-changer and it’s natural that, regardless the experience, you have a ton of questions. What are the things you need to know? Are you using the right product solution? Can you get NDIS or funding support? Our bladder and bowel clinics are here to offer a helping hand whenever you need it most - offered as a free service by the Coloplast Care Nursing Support Service, in conjunction with our additional partnership clinics at Sporting Wheelies and Disabled AssociationMS Queensland, SBH Queensland and Spinal Life Australia.

How to enquire about an appointment

The clinic is run by experienced Coloplast Clinical Nurse Advisors who have access to all the latest products available. First appointments are likely to be around an hour, and follow-up appointments will be shorter. You can either call our consumer care team and enquire about an appointment over the phone (1800 316 649) or by clicking the ‘request an appointment’ button below and someone will contact you back. Where possible we will try and support you over the phone with our team of skilled Consumer Care Specialists, but if a clinic appointment is required, we will be able to book you in to speak to one of our nurse advisors.


We would always recommend that you seek assistance from your own specialist continence nurse if you have one prior to enquiring with our service as they will know your situation better.


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