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Irritated or red skin while also experiencing output on the skin

Leakage can be a result of poor adhesion or erosion of the adhesive and can typically be as a result of cutting the hole in the baseplate inaccurately. If the hole is too big, the skin exposed to faeces or urine will eventually become irritated. Therefore, the supporting products recommended below are designed to protect against leakage.


Brava® Skin Barrier Brava® Skin Barrier

Sting-free skin protection from output and adhesives

The Brava® Skin Barrier reduces skin problems associated with leakage and adhesives without affecting the adhesion of the baseplate. A skin barrier provides a protective layer of film on the skin to protect it from output and adhesives.


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The Brava® Skin Barrier is sting-free and reduces skin problems associated with output and adhesives. It leaves a thin breathable film on the skin, which protects it against potential damage. It dries within seconds and does not build up residue on the skin, leaving you ready to apply a new baseplate. It comes as a spray or a wipe. The wipe is practical when outside of your home or travelling because of its size.


Brava® Protective Seal Brava® Protective Seal

Brava® Protective Seal creates a seal between stoma and baseplate, this reduces the risk of leakage and protects the skin. The seal is also easy to shape, apply and remove.

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The Brava® Protective Seal has a new polymer formulation that is designed to protect against leakage and protect the skin, thereby providing a dual protection. It is easy to shape so it fits snugly around the stoma and can be applied over skin with dips, creases and folds. When it is time to take it off, it can be removed easily and cleanly, leaving minimal residue behind. Wide sizes now available for a greater surface area and better fit over skin with more challenges, such as deeper creases and folds.


Brava® Powder Brava® Powder

Reducing skin irritation

The Brava® Powder reduces skin irritation related to moist skin. It absorbs moisture so the skin is kept dry. It can be used around the stoma or under the adhesive.

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Product description

The Brava® Powder reduces skin irritation related to moist skin. It protects peristomal skin by absorbing moisture so the skin is kept dry. It can be used around the stoma or under the adhesive. 

IMPORTANT! If you have any concerns – such as skin problems or how to use new products – you should always consult your Stomal Therapy Nurse.

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  • You may be using your adhesive for too long, resulting in the adhesive no longer protecting the skin adequately. Learn what to look out for when changing your adhesive to obtain optimal wear time with our Apply-Remove-Check (ARC) tool.
  • Be sure to obtain full contact between the adhesive and the skin around the stoma when applying.

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