Support optimal wound bed preparation by cleansing and debriding with Alprep Pad

Hard-to-heal pressure ulcers showed marked improvement over just a couple of weeks

Read more about Jamies case

Read more about Jamies case

Hard-to-heal wounds showed marked improvement over just 16 days
Jamie has suffered with two sacral pressure ulcers for a long time. One for 15 years and one for 5-6 years. Alprep Pad has been introduced as part of a new treatment protocol to cleanse and debride his wounds. Over just 16 days, the wounds have already showed a marked improvement.

Wound day 1 Wound day 16

Wound bed preparation is a crucial step in wound treatment, resulting in faster wound healing and improved patient care

Diabetic Foot Ulcer cleansed and debrided with Alprep Pad

Remove barriers to healing

Wound bed preparation is the identification and removal of slough, devitalized tissue and biofilm, which otherwise can become barriers to healing.

Alprep Pad’s specially designed slits capture and absorb exudate, slough and non-viable tissue into the product for efficient removal.

See Alprep Pad used on a diabetic foot ulcer

Remove barriers to healing

41-year old female patient with a diabetic foot ulcer on her right foot, currently with a duration of 5 weeks. The wound is a surgical wound following diabetic foot infection, located on two toes (right foot). Alprep Pad was used to cleanse and debride the wound as part of the treatment protocol. The health care professional treating the wound found that Alprep Pad effectively removed non-viable tissue and absorbed exudate.


The benefits of Alprep Pad

Our research tells us that clinicians currently experience key challenges with existing wound cleansing and wound debridement products such as limited functionality, low absorption and lack of usage control.

This is why we created Alprep Pad a two-in-one cleansing and debridement tool that is designed for improved absorption and ease of use.

Alprep Pad loosens and absorbs

Two tools in one

The open structure of the dark grey foam is for loosening. The light grey softer foam is for absorbing and capturing. 

Alprep Pad is designed for improved absorbtion

Designed for improved absorption

Unique slits design increases the absorption and captures loosened slough, non-viable tissue and biofilms. 

Alprep Pad is easy and convenient to use

Easy and convenient to use

The special triangular shape makes for comfortable handling. The packaging can also be used to wet and hold the pad. 

How to cleanse and debride a wound with Alprep Pad

How to use Alprep Pad

You can use both sides of Alprep Pad - it is two tools in one.

The dark grey foam is for loosening and the light grey foam is for absorbing and capturing. Loosen first or absorb first, depending on the wound. Alprep Pad has been specially designed to be easy to use and control, giving you the flexibility to reach areas in the wound where debridement is needed.

Watch the video to learn how to use Alprep Pad

You can use both sides of Alprep Pad - it is two tools in one.

Before use, always consult the ‘Instructions For Use’ document delivered with the products

1. Remove the lid and add irrigation solution to moisten the product. Alprep Pad can be used together with whatever irrigation solution you prefer or in accordance with your local practice.

2. Squeeze the product to remove excess irrigation solution. The product is moistened and ready for use.

3. Gently wipe the surface of the wound bed, the wound edge and the periwound skin with the pad.

4. When you are finished you can reuse the packing for the pad before disposing of it properly.

The product is intended for single use only and should be disposed of in accordance with local guidelines,


To support optimal wound healing, cleanse and debride with the Alprep Pad and then apply a wound bed conforming dressing.

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