Make every day count with Biatain® Silicone foam dressings

Dealing with wounds on a daily basis can be challenging. At Coloplast we want to reduce this complexity and ensure that everyone working with wounds feels confident that they are taking control of the healing process and providing the patients with the best care. 

Biatain® Silicone foam dressing delivers a gentle and secure fit for high patient comfort (5) without compromising superior absorption.

The Biatain Silicone delivers superior absorption for non-infected and infected chronic and acute wounds


Biatain Silicone is indicated for a wide range of exuding chronic and acute wounds such as leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, non-infected diabetic foot ulcers, donor sites, postoperative wounds and traumatic wounds (e.g. skin abrasions, skin tears, cuts). It can be used in combination with compression therapy and may be left in place for up to 7 days.

Biatain Silicone - new sizes and shapes

Developed with health care professionals. Shaped by users.


All the benefits of Biatain Silicone, now available in the sizes and shapes you and your patients need.



Designed for difficult-to-dress areas

Biatain Silicone comes in the different sizes and shapes you need to treat even the most difficult areas to dress. Our solutions are flexible and conform to the skin, so you can be confident when choosing a wound dressing that it`s the right fir for your patients.

 "My wound is preventing me from living a normal life. I just want to have my life  back. That’s why every day counts for me”. Annette, Patient


Every patient with a wound has their own story, needs and treatment requirements. Finding the right solution takes knowledge, experience and skills. At Coloplast Wound Care, we want to make it easier for health care professionals to  be confident that they are giving patients the best care.

Biatain Silicone is used by health care professionals all around the world, for a wide range of chronic and acute wounds

Unique Biatain 3D foam structure for superior absorption

absorption wound care

When in contact with exudate the unique Biatain 3D-foam conforms closely to the wound bed for superior absorption. The fluid handling properties of Biatain Silicone ensure control of exudate in the wound bed thus minimizing risk of leakage and maceration.

With Biatain's unique 3D polymer foam, Biatain Silicone is able to:

Absorb exudate vertically

Lock away fluid even under pressure

Conform to the wound bed

A cost-effective treatment

Biatain Silicone provides a high value in terms of benefits and cost-effectiveness, Biatain Silicone has superior absorption capacity for more cost-effective wound healing (2).

Effective exudate management prevents leakage thereby reducing incidence of maceration, decreasing the risk of infection and reducing healing time (7), thus lowering costs for dressings and nursing time, as well as leakage-induced changes of clothes, bed sheets etc., with less need for additional treatment of surrounding skin. Biatain foam dressings have superior exudate management properties and thereby lower cost (2).

Fewer dressing changes Fewer dressing changes How to get fewer dressing changes

Fewer dressing changes

The new Biatain® Silicone delivers superior absorption, conformability and a secure fit.


Up to 50% reduction in dressing changes (2,4)

Patients and HCPs using the new Biatain Silicone can experience up to 50% reduction in dressing changes due to the superior absorption of Biatain Silicone.


Fewer dressing changes support faster healing

Every time a wound dressing is changed, the wound will be disturbed, which can delay the healing process (9). Due to fewer dressing changes, the new Biatain Silicone enhances the wound healing process which may deliver faster healing to your patients.

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    *Compared to traditional dry wound healing.


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