During this time of social distancing, Coloplast Care is here to continue to support those with ostomy and continence issues.


Here are some important facts that you may not know about Coloplast Care!


1. Coloplast Care is not just for new patients


Coloplast Care offers support for ostomates and intermittent catheter users at any stage of their journey.  Coloplast can help you to access your products and offer tips on hygiene with lifestyle questions and establishing healthy routines. If you are more experienced, perhaps you would like to explore getting back to an exercise routine, taking an overseas trip or are worried about intimacy.

2. Coloplast Care Advisors talk to thousands of Australian users each year


Coloplast Care Advisors talk to thousands of Australian users each year and because of this, they have a wealth of knowledge on Coloplast products. They have lots of tips learned from their experience with other Australian users.

3. Coloplast Care Advisors talk about more than products


Coloplast Care Advisors take questions on all topics including travelling, returning to work, maintaining healthy routines in social situations, intimacy and diet and nutrition advice. Whatever your question, Coloplast Care Advisors are here to help provide you with tips and real-life examples of how to get back to doing the things you love.

4. Coloplast Care Advisors can help you navigate Government funding options


Coloplast Care Advisors are well-versed in different sources of reimbursement for our ostomy and continence products and have helped patients access Government funding schemes. Coloplast has also created a Justification Letter, for continence users, to provide a rationale as to why you need specific products and the frequency - helping support your goals in the NDIS.

5.Coloplast Care is also online (website, email)


Did you know that Coloplast Care has a dedicated website full of nurse-validated articles about life as an ostomate or catheter user? Covering everything from the basics to lifestyle and getting back to the things you love - the Coloplast Care website is a resource at your fingertips 24/7.  The website also contains inspirational user stories from other ostomates and catheter users!

6. Coloplast Care offers online self-assessment tools for free



The Ostomy Check is your way of checking for some of the common issues associated with your stoma and the surrounding skin. If an issue is detected, a Coloplast Care advisor will be in touch to help you. They will be able to assist with helpful information and provide samples if a product solution is appropriate. They will also let you know if you should follow up with your healthcare provider.



The Continence Check is a free online self-assessment tool that helps you check for some of the common issues associated with catheterisation. The Continence Check only takes a few minutes to complete, and any answers that may indicate an issue will trigger a follow up call from a Coloplast Care Advisor.  The Care Advisor can help you troubleshoot any change in your routine and will direct you follow up with your healthcare provider for any issues that need clinical guidance.


7. Coloplast Care has free clinics across Australia and via virtual services



Coloplast has clinics across Australia, potentially giving the opportunity for Ostomy and Continence product users (Coloplast or non-Coloplast) to attend (face-to-face or virtually) the service free of charge.


As time progresses, there are new techniques and new technologies that can be utilised to help you be able to live the life you want without your ostomy, bladder or bowel impacting on it. It always pays to stay on top of what is available and what the current best practice is for your ostomy or continence needs. You can do this by enquiring about our clinics run by one of our accredited Coloplast Nurses. With a highly experienced team of consumer specialists and clinical nurses, we can help you figure out the right solution for your needs. To learn more about our Coloplast Clinics visit our website here.

8. Coloplast Care has many free resources for you to access



Coloplast Care also offers many different free resources including travel cards that can assist you when you travel, contacts in other countries to ensure you can access support worldwide and various tools to assist. Reach out to the team through our free number 1800 653 317 or through our website.


Coloplast Care Advisors talk to thousands of Australian users each year and because of this, they have a wealth of knowledge. The Care Advisor can help you troubleshoot any issues that you may be experiencing. They have lots of tips learned from their experience with other users.

You can check out all that Coloplast Care has to offer by visiting the Coloplast Care website; or by contacting the Coloplast Care team at 1800 653 317.


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