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Coloplast Care Clinics – allowing you to focus on being you again

Coloplast is running clinics across Australia, potentially giving the opportunity for Ostomy and Continence product users (Coloplast or non-Coloplast) to attend the service free of charge.

As time progresses, there are new techniques and new technologies that can be utilised to help you be able to live the life you want without your ostomy, bladder or bowel impacting on it. It always pays to stay on top of what is available and what the current best practice is for your ostomy or continence needs. You can do this by enquiring about our clinics run by one of our accredited Coloplast Nurses. With a highly experienced team of consumer specialists and clinical nurses, we can help you figure out the right solution for your needs.

Here at Coloplast, providing our consumers with the best solutions and care is our number one priority. This care extends to our consumers’ health, where we have a responsibility to ensure that we are not placing anybody’s health at risk during the current Coronavirus outbreak. As we transition from virtual appointments only to face-to-face clinic appointments, Coloplast has put in extra measures to ensure your safety, such as routine cleaning and providing you with complimentary face masks. Coloplast is also proud to announce that it has taken proactive steps to ensure all Coloplast Clinic Nurse Advisors have completed the COVID-19 Infection Control Training set out by the Australian Government Department of Health. Reinforcing Coloplast’s dedication to safeguarding our customers and employees during these uncertain times.


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