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All of our ostomy clinics are offered as a free service by the Coloplast Care Nursing Support Service.

The effects of a poorly managed stoma can have a serious impact on your quality of life- and no one understands that more than Coloplast. It may make it difficult for you to get through your day without interruptions. You may feel afraid to go out with friends, take vacations or do everyday things. Some people begin to cancel activities and withdraw from their lives. A poorly managed stoma may affect your work and your relationships. You may feel tired, depressed, anxious and lonely. Not to mention, over time your body and profile are also likely to change.


This may include:


  • Weight gain or loss as you recover from the illness that caused the operation
  • Folds or scarring of the skin around your stoma
  • Hernia development connected to your stoma



This may lead to leakages, skin irritation, skin problems, adhesion or application issues that can be a sign that it is time to have your stoma reviewed.


If you are experiencing any of the above, it is important that you make sure you have a review of your current management options.

If you have not had your stoma reviewed recently, it may be time. Coloplast offers face-to-face support in a range of areas including:


  • Expert care and advice on all aspects of stoma and fistula management;
  • Issues such as leakage or skin irritation;
  • Ongoing long-term education and review; and
  • Product advice and guidance on application technique, including free sampling.

How to book an appointment

The clinic is run by experienced accredited Stomal Therapy Nurses who have access to all the latest products available. First appointments are likely to be around an hour and follow-up appointments will be shorter. You can either call our Consumer Care team and enquire about an appointment over the phone (1800 884 759) or by clicking the ‘request an appointment’ button below and someone will contact you. Where possible we will try and support you over the phone with our team of skilled Consumer Care specialists but if a clinic appointment is required, we will be able to book you in to speak to one of our nurse advisors.


We would always recommend that you seek assistance from your own specialist Stomal Therapy Nurse if you have one prior to enquiring with our service as they will know your situation better.


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