People living with a stoma need to feel at ease in their daily lives. Our portfolio offers a range of innovative stoma pouches and accessories that help people with a stoma feel secure and confident. No matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

Product range highlights

Coloplast’s innovative portfolio of products offers stoma appliances and accessories that help patients feel secure and confident. Stoma appliances and accessories

Product range highlights

People with a stoma should feel at ease every day. Our portfolio offers a range of innovative stoma appliances and accessories that help people living with a stoma feel secure and confident, no matter, who they are, where they are, or what they’re doing.

Share the BodyCheck tool with your patients or colleagues. The BodyCheck tool will enable your patients to check their body profile from time to time, to ensure that they have access to the optimal stoma appliance/accessories for their individual peristomal body shape.

SenSura MioSenSura® Mio: A secure fit for people with a colostomy
The latest addition to our portfolio, SenSura® Mio, sets a new standard in fitting performance. Each and every body is different, and people with a stoma often face challenges in finding a product that fits their individual body shape. This is why we developed SenSura Mio with BodyFit Technology®. Thanks to its unique elastic adhesive, this stoma appliance can fit individual body contours and respond to body movements.

SenSura standard rangeSenSura®: Trust in double-layer security
All SenSura stoma appliances come with a unique double-layer adhesive. A protection layer protects the skin against stoma output, and a skin care layer keeps the skin healthy by absorbing excess moisture.  In fact, the DialogueStudy demonstrates that the combination of evidence-based nursing and SenSura double-layer adhesive reduces incidents of leakage, improves peristomal skin conditions and increases quality of life*. 


See how SenSura reduces costs associated with treating peristomal skin complications.

SenSura Post Op rangeSenSura post-op range: Security right from the start
The post-operative phase is critical for you and your patient. Our range of SenSura post-operative stoma appliances are easy to use and secure, allowing you to provide the right care and give your patients comfort and peace of mind immediately after surgery.


Brava product rangeBrava®: Our new range of accessories
Our new Brava accessories range features products that are designed to reduce leakage and protect the skin. These accessories help create individual solutions for different body shapes and needs.



*Porret, T et al, (2011) “DialogueStudy”, Gastrointestinal Nursing, Vol. 9 No. 2 (Suppl). 


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